The mission of the New Media Art program at the University of North Texas is to cultivate new methods of performance and media art practices in contemporary art. Through creative and critical inquiry, we emphasize artistic excellence, interdisciplinary learning, socially engaged practices, and welcome collaboration.

We see our mission as the study and practice of visual culture, past and present, in order to understand how the convergence of performance, storytelling, and media can illuminate and expand, or conceal and limit the worlds they represent. Finally, we recognize that example is the best teacher and strive through our own creative research to embody the values we wish to impart. Pursuing research and creative opportunities, both locally and internationally, we draw upon and engage with the current critical discourse around Media and Performance Art.

This mission is fulfilled:

  • Through innovative active learning curricula that contributes toward and engages with current practices and theoretical structures

  • By continually investigating emerging media and technologies, as well as traditional approaches, as a way to open new channels of research and practice

  • Through a belief that diversity—in background, status, culture, and viewpoint—is essential to a vital and creative community

  • By expecting academic excellence as a fundamental part of a professional education in the visual arts

  • Through a commitment toward rich engagement within our communities through community based learning experiences and service related activities

  • By fostering an intellectual community within which experimentation is key