Introduces new media art as a field of contemporary art practices and art historical systems. New media work is considered in relation to other screen-, time- and code-based art media, from cinema and film to video and sound art. Artistic voice is emphasized over technical skills. Must receive a B or higher for entry into the new media program. Prerequisite(s): ART 1200ART 1440ART 1450ART 1500ART 1510


Students who complete this course successfully will be able to:

- Define core terms and genres related to new media art

- Recall influential artworks significant to new media art

- Complete 4 original artworks exploring the visual and conceptual language of new media art

- Establish basic technical skills in a variety of New Media related software, including Adobe Premier, Audacity, Unity, and open-source programming languages

- Review and present upon readings during in class discussions

- Evaluate critically your own work and the work of your classmates through in class critiques

- Catalogue artwork into a portfolio that includes all projects and assignments



Recommended texts for this course come from a variety or sources, including:

Manifestos for the Internet Age

- Intro to Digital Art by Christiane Paul

- Beyond New Media Art by Domenico Quaranta


1. Cameraless Animation 

2. Looping HD video

3. Musique Concrète

4. Media Installation 

5. Personal Manifesto